pratt nord


lsite | Barcellona
client | generalidad de Catalunya
category | residential, retail, tertiary
area | 190 ha
service | preliminary design
design | jlp arquitectes
project team | antonio ravalli architetti, albert vendrell, carles llop, franc fernandez, ivan capdevila, joan forgas, jordi sorkau, martì franc, norbert herrera, ole thorson, oscar becerril, philippe pous, …
infos | competition for the manegement of the Pratt Nord business district
from the relation | Considerations: an out-of-scale building; not a shape, but a random system that grows over time, governed by rules and infrastructures; mixed functions which requires different ‘landscapes’ and livabilities. To use bonds of meaning rather than regulatory instruments. Opportunities: phreatic water table: the water as a structuring element to launch virtuous cycles; to move the Gran Via and the Ave underground will produce huge amounts of residual soil; to keep them in place avoiding transports and load breaks means a strong economic saving; to exploit the gaps in the existing perimetral infrastructures in order to find opportunities for new territorial connections; the viability (private and public) is structured according to a network model which amplifies the intake channels and the system’s ability to withstand the movements’ pressure. These two conditions are necessary to launch a new model for a business district.

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