poc colmec


project | POC COLMEC . 2016
site | Ferrara
client | COLMEC srl
category | residential
area | 6366 mq
service | masterplan
design | antonio ravalli, UTECO associati
project team | braschi.pelliconi
infos | urban regeneration project along the Po di Volano, Ferrara
from project report | The new asset for the area will keep the existing urban implant recovering the old buildings; the objective is to minimize most of the land works saving the current free space. The square between the buildings is already suited to the circulation of heavy duty machines, preserving it will leave the permeability between the road and the river unchanged. To exploit the difference in level between the road and the site the new parking lot will be on two levels, a second road will grant access to the riverside where will be a new recreational building. Its impact on the view will be minimized by lining it up with the east block, leaving untouched the relation between the main street and the river.

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