palazzo massari


project | PALAZZO MASSARI . 2014
site | Ferrara
client | Municipality of Ferrara
category | museum services
area | 8576 sq m
service | preliminary design
design | antonio ravalli, raffaela vitale
project team | braschi.pelliconi
infos | restoration and expansion of Palazzo Massari, Ferrara
from project report | The Palazzo Bevilacqua-Massari estate hosts since 1975 the museum complex composeb by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Filippo de Pisis, the Giovanni Boldini Museum and the Nineteenth Century Museum. Reopening the party wall between the palace and the named after park transforms the grand archway hall in a public arcade granting access to the park and urban value to a building otherwise closed ad inapproachable. The result is double: the restoration of the romantic garden original size and features and the reopening of the museum doors. The project inserts new functions and creates a single path for the museum journey granting a cheaper and simpler future management. The new building in correspondence with the old renaissance wing strives to solve what has always been considered a worthless rear, the project restarts a dialogue between the palace and its garden.

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