lido adriano


project | NEW SCHOOL COMPLEX . 2005
site | Lido Adriano, Ravenna
client | municipality of Ravenna
category | tertiary
area | 12 ha
service | preliminary design
design | antonio ravalli, mauro crepaldi
structures design | d. grandis
hvac design | Bortolazzi Consulting srl
project team | crepaldi.pelliconi
infos | competition for a new school complex including nursery, primary and secondary school
from the relation | … The project exploits the new topography of the ground (reshaped so to set all the buildings above the minimum level required by the building regulations to respond to the problem of sea water ingress) to create an architectural object accessible at multiple levels. The main body, housing the elementary school, accommodates at the entrance floor all the specialized rooms (the gym, the lectures hall, the library and the labs), allowing their direct use independently from the teaching rooms. Thus the school becomes an integral part part of the city: a new service destined not only to the children but to the whole citizenship. On this hybrid block two other bodies are grafted, one for the middle school and one for the nursery and the kindergarten, both having independent accesses but with internal connections that allow a shared utilization of the specialized rooms. The result is an extremely unitary, C shaped object, facing south, upon which three volumes lieindependently. The presence of the “dunes”, however, prevents the complete perception of the entire school complex, which looks from the outside of the area as the result of three pure monolithic elements standing out above a sinuous and uneven ground. The importance of the contact with the ground also detrmined the choice of the coating material: the brick as the traditional material par excellence, deriving directly from the cooking of the earth. The project act as a tectonic system, where the relationship with the soil (intended as a raw material, but also as the ground with all that comes after) acquires pedagogical and educational values …

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