is mortorius


site | Is Mortorius, Quarto S. Elena
client | regional coast preservation agency
category | tertiary
area | 7,8 ha
service | preliminary design
design | antonio ravalli, daniela moderini, federica orrù
project team | assisi.crispino.milani.pelliconi
infos | ideas competition for the requalification of the coastal district of Is Mortorius
drom the relation | … The position of Is Mortorius fits, since the prehistoric ages, as an outpost for the waterfront observation and for the communication both with coastal and inland similar points. The evident congruence between the geomorphology and the settlements, always confirmed in the previous centuries has recently suffered a period of amnesia, with the consequent loss of meaning in the application of settling logics aimed at covering the land without understanding its rules and balances, this resulting in the daily reported hydro-geological disasters occurred in recently built sites. The project re-reads the correct ways to understand and interpret the territory following three main issues declined from the geomorphological analysis: the archaeological resources, the defense of the territory, a scattered hotel. In the coastal district of Is Mortorius are the remains of the former tonnara, open until the second half of the 19th century. The ruins, characterized by simple shapes and dimensions, are made of mixed materials and raw earth (ladiri), and possess a great charm for their location and proportions. The proposal combines the attractiveness of the site with activities that will contribute to its enhancement, oriented at a tourism not indifferent to the cultural and environmental resources and at the presently residing Sardinian community. The project recovers the small buildings of the tonnara for public and specialized hotel uses, primarily devoted to cultural activities such as archaeological excavations and site maintenance, underwater archeology, conferences, training courses, workshops …

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