ferrara fair building


project | FERRARA FAIR BUILDING . 2017
site | Ferrara
client | Municipality of Ferrara
category | fair establishment
area | 18334 sq m
service | preliminary design
design | antonio ravalli, prisma engineering, CLEA, consorzio integra
project team | molinari.pelliconi.pellizzari
infos | structure restoration and architectural and energy requalification of Ferrara Fiere
from project report | The Fiera, ARPA and Grocery Market area constitute a deep fracture between the city and the rural background. This “middlehearth” should be a transition filter able to mediate urban pressure and countryside. This double nature, unique to the site, becomes the design key to transform a self-referential object in an ever-changing device that vibrates according to the surrounding light. Thanks to the folds on its skin, the building dissimulates its own stereometry melting with the context. The concept comes from the foggy atmosphere of the site characterizing Ferrara landscape becoming the main feature of the project.

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