bologna hill


project | HILL MASTERPLAN . 2006
site | Bologna
client | municipality of Bologna
category | infrastructural
area | 10 kmq
service | preliminary design
design | carles llop, franc. fernandez, antonio ravalli, tasca studio, …
infos | design workshop for the P.S.C. new Hill Plan
from the relation | Considerations: to allow the citizens to recognize this part of the territory as a constituent and organic part of the city means the possibility to create a connections network: a two-scale mesh, able on one side to minutely enter into a highly privatized district as the one which constitutes the first belt at the feet of the hill on the northern side, and on the other side to connect distant public areas, but providing a bigger user base, able to overpass the municipal boundaries. Thus the hill becomes both a urban hill, with multiple and branched entries, easily accessible from the nearby neighborhoods, and a metropolitan hill, served by well-travelled roads which allow to reach real interchange terminals, equipped with services (parking, bike rental, rest stops, …) and with dedicated means of transport (shuttle).

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