E house


project | E HOUSE . 2005
site | Ferrara
client | private
category | residential
area | 430 mq
service | detailed design and work supervision
design | antonio ravalli, mustafa sabbagh
project team | crepaldi.pelliconi
infos | transformation of a former garage into a house in the city centre
from the relation | Living in a luxury garage at the feet of the of the five hundred years old walls of Ferrara. A critical paradox, being us the last to arrive in the course of history. One could wonder if this isn’t just an evidently cynical operation aiming at a continuous presence on the threshold of the present and at some desire of fulfilled happiness. And yet someone before us has made his own choices despite his celebrated predecessors. A honest and clear operation able to generate stratifications of works and meanings, not to be judged according to a mere temporal scale of values. The E house approaches the reality avoiding the moralisms, and with a short-term memory. The superposition, intended in its complexity, restores a sense to the past events as well as a big-mac eaten one layer at a time would not produce the same Mc-addiction. The huge concrete pillars of this former garage influence the way of living in it not less than the traces of the masonries buried a few feet below the floor. A synthetic vision would say that what wants to emerge is the recent history, a kind of not yet frozen embryo, able to grow and say his name. Was it a garage? Well, it remains a garage. The open spaces remain open, while the car maneuvering logic frees huge open spaces equipped with a new quartz polished concrete slab. A sort of indoor test circuit placed in the living room, flat as the plain of Ferrara; it’s not by chance that the client is a racer. The only meddling, needless to say, is a garage within the former garage, where the spaces are differentiated not through walls but working with different levels. Four steps allows to reach the ‘tatami’ area on a black painted wooden deck, forcing you to look for the glass walls generously opened on the wooden garden. The surfaces don’t hide themselves, the bare brick walls are repainted, in a honest impulse in behalf of the short-term memory, while the damp walls offer the opportunity to be insulated and covered with wood. The almost absent interior partitions entrust any eventual privacy need to the black velvet curtains, almost a wing waiting for a daily representation. The aim of this project of Antonio Ravalli Architetti seems to be the desire to work on the sense of the operation, even though a certain charm shines through the whole work. An operation of research of a feedback from the recent history and of a paranoiac rereading of the immediate reality. (andrea bellodi)

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