bella fuori 3


project | BELLA FUORI 3 . 2014
site | Bologna
client | private foundation
category | infrastructural
area | 1 ha
service | preliminary design
design | antonio ravalli, franc fernandez, jlp arquitectes
project team | braschi.pelliconi.
infos | ideas competition for the redevelopment of public spaces

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from the relation |A green path and four ‘fields’ to form the heart of the neighborhood. An area of ​​paths, which stretches a rug on urban plot, reconnecting the streets of the neighborhood, the school, the traces of the Roman centurion and the civic center, the mosque and the church, bus stops and bike lanes. Neighborhood’s residents, who with their attendance make the route safe and open to everyone and all ages, producing a place to meet and find a space that significant gifts to the neighborhood a collective identity and forge the community. The new carpet is a theme on which to align areas of shadow, small squares, parks, opportunities and spaces lined. Vegetation that facilitates the biodiversity of the urban fabric in the countryside of Bologna. The route is a safe space and shared, the result of a process of participatory construction, which highlights and enhances the ‘contribution of all inhabitants. The realization of the smart-city acquires a social value for the ‘habitability of the district. L ‘intervention encourages a social construction and civic space

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